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Dibleys Nurseries Joins The Horti House: A New Chapter in British Horticulture

In a significant addition to its collective of British Growers, The Horti House warmly welcomes Dibleys Nurseries.

This family-owned gem, nestled in the heart of the Welsh countryside, brings with it a legacy of 33 Chelsea Gold Medals—a testament to their excellence in the horticulture industry.

Dibley's Nurseries Joins The Horti House: A New Chapter in British Horticulture 
Meet Rex Dibley, Founder of Dibleys in 1976

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Lynne Dibley to explore the roots of their success, their commitment to sustainability, and the future of Dibleys within The Horti House collective of British growers.

Founding a Legacy

Dibleys journey began in 1976, from the passion and vision of Rex Dibley. Lynne Dibley shared, "We are a second-generation, family-run business, based in rural North Wales. We are the specialist growers of rare and unusual houseplants." "Dibleys was originally named after a local village ‘Efenechtyd’", but for some reason, Lynne remarks, "people had some difficulty with that, so it was eventually changed to the slightly more pronounceable name Dibleys", which sets the stage for a true family affair that would blossom into an industry benchmark.  

Dibley's Nurseries Joins The Horti House: A New Chapter in British Horticulture
Meet Paul, Lynne and Gareth Dibley, second generation owners of Dibleys Nurseries in the Welsh countryside.

Setting the Standard

What sets Dibleys apart? "Years of experience, our years of research and our breeding programme," Lynne notes. This relentless pursuit of excellence has not only earned them numerous awards but has also distinguished them within the horticultural community. Their story is one of innovation, quality, and a deep-rooted passion for plants that truly sets them apart.

Dibley's Nurseries Joins The Horti House: A New Chapter in British Horticulture
Chelsea Award Winning Display - RHS Gold Medal - 2022. Just 1 of an impressive 33 gold medals the team at Dibleys have won since 1976.

Expanding Reach with The Horti House

The collaboration with The Horti House marks a significant milestone for Dibleys. "Customers love to pick up our plants from around the country, but we can’t manage to fulfil all these requests," Lynne explained. 

This partnership marks a transformative moment for Dibleys Nurseries and UK garden centres. Previously, garden centres faced a "feast or famine" dilemma, needing to order Dibley's plants in large quantities of 9 trays or more, leading to potential waste and challenges in maintaining fresh stock. The Horti House changes this dynamic, allowing orders of just one tray. This significant shift not only reduces waste and ensures a rotation of fresh stock but also provides Dibleys a consistent route to market. This collaboration showcases The Horti House's mission: to support British growers and UK garden centres, thereby enhancing the selection available to end consumers.

Dibley's Nurseries Joins The Horti House: A New Chapter in British Horticulture
The Horti House will stock a range of Dibleys rare and unusual houseplants, previously not available to garden centres or florists that could not make their minimum order requirements. Here we have a mix of Begonia rex, known for their interesting leaf shapes, patterns and textures. 

Dedication to Sustainability

Sustainability is more than a buzzword for Dibleys; it's a way of life. Lynne proudly outlines their eco-friendly initiatives: "We're all about the environment and have tackled various projects such as planting thousands of trees surrounding the nursery, utilising biomass heaters, and implementing solar panels." Their efforts to minimise their carbon footprint and commitment to sustainability are at the forefront of their operations, making them pioneers in eco-conscious horticulture.

Enhancing the Collective

Dibleys addition to The Horti House brings a fresh range of unique, unusual, and quality houseplants to the collective. "You’ll have the best of unique, unusual, and beautiful houseplants. Many of these you won’t be able to get anywhere else!" Lynne exclaimed. Their dedication to breeding new and exclusive plants each year promises to infuse The Horti House with unparalleled diversity and beauty.


Discover our new collection of Begonia Rex from Dibleys Nurseries 

Discover our new collection of Streptocarpus from Dibleys Nurseries 

Growing Together

Dibleys Nurseries anticipates a future of collaboration within The Horti House collective, focusing on efficiency and knowledge sharing. Lynne Dibley highlighted the importance of this partnership, stating, "Improving delivery efficiency and exchanging insights on sustainable practices, such as peat-free growing media and biological pest control, will greatly benefit both. This collaboration underscores the critical role of cooperation among British growers. By sharing successful sustainable practices and fostering an environment of open partnership, growers can achieve mutual growth and enhance their contributions to sustainable horticulture.

At the core of Dibleys philosophy is a commitment to British-grown plants. "This is totally central to Dibleys’ ethos," Lynne remarked. By controlling the entire process locally, they ensure quality and sustainability, offering their customers the best of British horticulture without the environmental cost of air miles.

Looking ahead

As Dibleys plants its roots within The Horti House collective, with its legacy of quality, innovation, and commitment to the environment, Lynne Dibleys insights paint a picture of a nursery deeply rooted in family values, excellence, and an unwavering dedication to green practices. The Horti House and its customers are set to reap the benefits of this partnership, watching as Dibleys houseplants spread into garden centres and florists across the British Isles.

Discover our first curated selection of Dibleys houseplants at The Horti House: 

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