• British Grown

    We bring together the UK's best houseplant growers, with decades of experience in growing quality British houseplants.

  • Peat Free

    Our plants are grown in Peat Free media. We also use biomass heating, recycled rainwater for irrigation and biocontrol to reduce pesticide usage.

  • Small Order Quantities

    Get the right amount of plants, at the right time. No need to fill a trolley every time, order just a single tray.

  • Fast Delivery

    With our next day delivery, we can get your plants to you quickly, keeping your shelves stocked and plants fresh.

  • No Paperwork

    Buying directly from UK based growers means no phyto certificates, no customs clearances, no APHA inspections.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our scale and proximity to our customers means our prices are competitive with Netherlands prices.

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  • Garden Centres

    Stand out with British Peat Free houseplants. Order by the tray, or trolley, and choose your delivery date. All without any phyto or import costs!

  • Florists

    Enhance your selection of houseplants with easy-care varieties and Orchid gifts. Order by box and enjoy fast delivery.

  • Hospitality

    Remove the waste and expense of cut flowers. Our British orchids flower for months and are easy to re-order when needed.