The Story of Our Orchids


For over 60 years at Double H Nurseries in the New Forest, the Stevensons have cultivated flowering plants.

Initially beginning with just a few modest glasshouses and a determined spirit, today we stand as the UK's largest Phalaenopsis orchid grower.

Within our glasshouses, each orchid receives meticulous care, ensuring the ideal balance of heat, light, water, and nutrients. After reaching our stringent standards, they are hand-selected, carefully packaged, and undergo a final quality inspection by our head grower, Malcolm, before being dispatched to our customers.
We exclusively cater to the UK market, offering you swift, local delivery. This choice not only benefits you but also reduces the environmental impact associated with long-distance transportation of flowers. Our commitment to sustainability is further underscored by our biomass boiler, which converts waste wood into heat for our glasshouses.

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