Collection: Retail Price Settings

Use this page to set up and adjust all your retail prices.   Adjust your settings below to set some simple rules to always ensure that you achieve the correct margins and don't need to worry about new product retails.  By default any existing retail prices will NOT be affected by the Retail price factor.  

Get Started:
  1. Set your retail price factor to be based on either your trolley or box prices. We suggest you pick the prices for the transport method you use more of.
  2. Enter your retail price factor which will be based off either your box or trolley pricing
  3. Select if you want to round up or down your prices to hit consistent retail prices
  4. If you want certain products to NOT adopt the retail price factor please individually mark each product as manual override.
  5. If you want to set all prices individually then please just leave the boxes blank and manually enter the retails for each product.
  6. Click Save & Apply