Our Mission

Horti House - Houseplant Wholesale

Hello. We are The Horti House, a collective of UK Growers on a mission to make buying British, peat-free plants the gold standard.

Importing plants from the Netherlands can be costly, confusing and unsustainable. Why go through the hassle when you can support local growers instead?

We're here to pave a different path.

The Horti House is your one-stop shop for Houseplant wholesale. We deliver high-quality, British-grown peat free plants at competitive prices to garden centres, florists and hospitality businesses across the UK.

Houseplant Wholesale - The Horti House 

Our Growers

Double H Nurseries

Founded in 1961, Double H Nurseries has over 60 years of growing experience. This family business is nestled in the New Forest and stands as the UK's largest producer of houseplants, including the renowned Phalaenopsis Orchids. 

Bury Lane

Bury Lane is a family-run business dedicated to cultivating thousands of houseplants. The plants are grown in extensive glasshouses located on-site at Bury Lane in Melbourne, straddling the borders of Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

Dibleys Nurseries

Dibleys journey began in 1976, from the passion and vision of Rex Dibley. A second-generation, family-run business, based in rural North Wales. This family-owned gem, in the heart of the Welsh countryside, brings with it a legacy of 34 Chelsea Gold Medals, which is a testament to their excellence in the horticulture industry. 


Founded by Sean Higgs, grower and Carnivorous enthusiast, Floralive are the first commercial Carnivorous plant nursery to grow and supply multiple varieties without peat - offering peat-free plants since 1990. 

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