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Introducing Our New Ceramic Collections

We are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to The Horti House range – two new ceramic pot collections!

17cm Monstera Deliciosa in grey Cambridge ceramic, 17cm Ficus Elastica in sage green Cambridge ceramic, 12cm Philodendron Imperial Red in white Cambridge ceramic 

As a collective of traditional growers, we are drawing on our years of consumer experience to offer quality plant and pot combinations, allowing our customers to source from one supplier. Both our new pot collections offer a combination of commercial colour palettes and designs, making them versatile for all plant enthusiasts and suitable for a variety of different consumers.

12cm bi-colour Phalaenopsis Orchid in sage green Cambridge ceramic, 9cm bi-colour Phalaenopsis Orchid in soft pink Hampshire ceramic

In line with our commitment to support British growers, we have focused on our British heritage and named the pot collections after places in the UK. As a nod to our roots, we’ve chosen to name our new 12cm and 17cm collection ‘Cambridge’, the home of one of our founding growers, Bury Lane. Bury Lane are a family run business that were established in 1983 and now grow a variety of green plants that you see in our range Today. The ‘Cambridge’ pot has been made to fit our 12cm and 17cm plants and offers a contemporary cylinder shape with tapered top, available in three matte finish colours – sage green, white and grey.

12cm Asplenium Osaka in white Cambridge ceramic, 17cm Calathea Leopardiana in sage green Cambridge ceramic

Our 9cm Orchid pot collection, Hampshire, has been aptly named after our founding grower and home to our British-grown Orchids, Double H Nurseries. Founded in 1961, Double H Nurseries continue today to supply the UK market with approximately 3 million indoor houseplants that are grown each year, including over 1 million Orchids. The ‘Hampshire’ pot is designed with a rounded base and ribbed texture, making it a more delicate match for our 9cm Orchids and better for gifting. This collection is available in three gloss finish colours – white, soft pink and mushroom grey.

9cm Phalaenopsis Orchid in Hampshire ceramics collection

The launch of our new ceramic collections marks an exciting milestone for The Horti House and we’re excited to offer our customers a one-stop solution that reflects our commitment to quality, price and convenience.

9cm Phalaenopsis Orchid in white and mushroom grey Hampshire ceramics, 12cm Phalaenopsis Orchid in sage green Cambridge ceramic.

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