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2024's Trending Plants: Orchids Lead the Way with Pot Mums Making a Comeback

As we step into 2024, the world of houseplants continues to evolve, bringing new trends and favourites to the forefront.

According to industry leaders and plant enthusiasts, this year is set to witness some remarkable shifts in indoor gardening preferences. Orchids, a long-time favourite, still reign supreme, outshining all other green plants in terms of sales and popularity. This unwavering demand for orchids can be attributed largely to their long-lasting flowers and their appeal as ideal gifts. 

One of the highlights for 2024 is expected to be the Orchids, particularly following the success of varieties like the Zurich orchid, known for its abundance of buds and flowers. Building on this trend, the launch of our AGM award-winning triple stem orchids is eagerly anticipated. These orchids, emerging from the glasshouse early in 2024, are not only a visual feast with their incredible number of buds and flowers but also a testament to quality and sustainability. They have earned the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit, further cementing their status in the market. In an era where sustainability and value for money are increasingly important, orchids that bloom for months, as opposed to days, are set to see a surge in popularity. This trend is particularly significant when compared to the shorter lifespan of cut flowers. 

Another exciting development for 2024 is the resurgence of the humble indoor Pot Mum. Often overlooked in past years, Pot Mums are poised to make a dramatic comeback as an indoor sensation. Later in the year, garden centres are expected to showcase stunning varieties such as Fireworks, Snowballs, and Blooms. The innovative varietal work behind these plants is generating considerable buzz in the horticultural community. These Pot Mums are anticipated to inject vibrant pops of colour and fun into consumer homes, reinventing the way these plants are perceived and utilised in indoor spaces. 

In conclusion, as 2024 unfolds, the spotlight shines brightly on Orchids and Pot Mums, each offering unique aesthetic and practical benefits. From the award-winning, long-blooming Orchids to the colourful and rejuvenated Pot Mums, these plants are set to dominate the indoor gardening scene, reflecting the ever-changing tastes and priorities of plant lovers worldwide. 

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