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Best Wholesale Plants for the Festive Season: A Retailer's Guide

The festive season is a key time for retailers. The glint of tinsel and twinkle of fairy lights signals not only joy and festivity but also an opportunity for sales like no other.

For businesses in the plant and decor sector, it's crucial to stock up on the most desired and aesthetically pleasing plants to captivate customers and drive sales.

The Power of Inspirational Displays:
First impressions matter. An inspirational display not only captivates the attention of potential customers but also evokes the holiday spirit, enticing them to buy. A well-thought-out, attractive display can transport shoppers into a winter wonderland, making them more likely to purchase items to recreate the same feeling in their own homes.

Gifting for Every Occasion and Budget:
The festive season is synonymous with gifting. Whether it's for Christmas parties, events, or just because, everyone's on the hunt for that perfect present. It's essential for retailers to offer a diverse gifting range at various price points. Having options ensures you cater to every customer, whether they're seeking a small token of appreciation or a grand gesture of love.

According to September's data from The Horticultural Association, consumers are increasingly buying lower-priced plants in larger quantities. Given the current economic situation, this trend is understandable. As consumer confidence grows, it's vital for retailers to offer a diverse range of price options and stock adequate quantities to achieve commercial success this festive season!

At The Horti House, we have created a range of Christmas products to suit a range of customer budgets:

The quintessential Christmas plant, Poinsettias are renowned for their vibrant red leaves that perfectly embody the festive spirit. Nestled in a 10.5cm basket, this plant is both a classic and chic addition to any Christmas decor.


Exuding elegance and sophistication, the Twin Stem Orchid in a duo planter is a statement piece. Ideal for those looking for something a touch more exotic this festive season, its beautiful blooms are sure to captivate.


Orchid Planter Duo - The Horti House

Taking luxury a notch higher, this Twin Stem Orchid in a premium glass planter merges the delicate beauty of the orchid with a touch of modern design. It's a premium choice for those wanting to impress.

Twin Stem 9cm Orchid Premium Glass Planter - Orchid The Horti House

Merging greenery with geometric elegance, the Twin Stem Orchid in a luxury hexagon terrarium is for the chic and trendy. Not only does it boast the orchid's timeless beauty, but its terrarium setting also makes it a contemporary masterpiece perfect for any modern home.

Twin Stem 9cm Orchid in Luxury Hexagon Terrarium

    In conclusion, the festive season is a time of celebration, and what better way to do so than with the beauty of nature? Retailers, arm yourselves with the best wholesale indoor plants and prepare to dazzle your customers this holiday season!

    Pre-order your Christmas range today and make this festive season a commercial success!

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