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Maximise Your Garden Centre's Appeal Post-Christmas with January Trolley Deals

January might be synonymous with winter blues, but for garden centres, it presents an opportunity to kick off the new year with a burst of vibrant greenery.

The festive glow of Christmas has dimmed, leaving garden centres with empty spaces once filled with holiday cheer. Seize the opportunity to breathe new life into your displays and boost January sales with The Horti House's range of best-selling green plants. Our January trolley deals include a collection of our most popular green plant varieties, with and without ceramics, offered at a discounted price. 

Here's some tips on how you can leverage the popularity of green plants, after the tinsel has settled.

1. Indoor Garden Trend: Leverage the growing trend of indoor gardening during the winter months and promote the stress-relieving, air-purifying qualities of green plants. 

2. Easy Maintenance: Convert existing garden centre customers into the green plant category by show-casing low-maintenance plant varieties that suit both novices and enthusiasts alike. 

3. Seasonal Accents: Integrate seasonal accents like winter-themed pots to maintain a connection with the time of year. 

4. Optimise Store Layout: Identify empty spaces left by removed Christmas displays and consider rearranging store layouts to showcase the new green additions prominently, utilising high-traffic areas to capture customer attention.


In the wake of the festive season, green plants emerge as not just decorations but as a way to breathe life into homes. By tapping into the increasing popularity of greenery, garden centres can transform the post-Christmas period into a flourishing sales opportunity. 

Check out our selection of trolley deals including British grown, peat-free wholesale plants here
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