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Our Favourite Inspirational Houseplant Displays

Eye-catching houseplant merchandising plays a crucial role in boosting sales for garden centres by encouraging customers to explore and purchase.

A well-curated display not only captures attention but also sparks the imagination, allowing shoppers to envision these green wonders enhancing their living spaces.

Here are a few of our favourite inspirational houseplant displays that have caught our attention:

1. Burford Garden CentreUsing up-turned crates, earthy ceramics and organic colours, this houseplant display compliments the vivid green plants and gives a natural leafy aesthetic. With the paired back display, the collection of plants ranging from small trailing plants to big leafy Monstera, speak for themselves. 

Burford Garden Centre

2. Clifton NurseriesWith the contrasting terracotta tiled walkway, customers are encouraged to delve into the green oasis at Clifton Nurseries. The greenery lined aisle, gives the feeling of a tropical paradise, inspiring customers to recreate the feeling of zen in their living spaces. 

Clifton Nurseries

3. The Nunhead GardenerThe pops of blue decor and cheerful yellow ceramics harmonise with the green plant range at The Nunhead Gardener, drawing your eye to their abundant greenery collection. The tiered display allows all plant sizes to be merchandised, allowing customers to clearly shop the range. 

The Nunhead Gardener

4. Otley Garden CentreThis pergola style houseplant display offers ample space to display a whole range of products including pot plants, trailing plants and standalone pots. The segmented display encourages customers to get creative and choose their own plant and pot combination. 

Otley Garden Centre

5. Poplar NurseriesThe simplistic charm of this houseplant display lies in the minimalistic design, letting the beauty of the plants take centre stage, captivating customers by showcasing the allure of nature itself. The display relies on tiering of different sizes to create depth and draw you in. 

Poplar Nurseries

The visual appeal of vibrant displays creates a positive shopping experience, making customers more likely to indulge in impromptu purchases. These displays showcase the variety and versatility of houseplants, offering inspiration and guidance for both seasoned plant enthusiasts and novices alike. In essence, a captivating houseplant display serves as a powerful tool that ultimately drives increased sales for garden centres.

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