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The Rise of Houseplants and Anticipated Trends for 2024

The humble houseplant, once relegated to a quiet corner, has emerged as a central player in interior design and the home aesthetic. The surging popularity of houseplants reflects a wider societal shift toward sustainability, personal well-being, and a connection with nature, even within urban settings.

With 2024 fast approaching, it’s time to turn our attention to the future trends of the houseplant sector. Here's a closer look.


The Surge in Houseplant Popularity  

Over the last decade, houseplants have witnessed a resurgence in popularity, especially among millennials and Gen Z. The reasons are manifold. As urbanization has increased, spaces have become more confined, making gardens a luxury. Houseplants offer an accessible way to bring nature indoors. Particularly during the pandemic era, where homes have become sanctuaries, workspaces, and recreational zones. People turned to plants as a source of comfort, peace, and an opportunity to reconnect with nature amidst the urban sprawl. Additionally, the awareness of the health benefits associated with plants – from air purification to mental well-being – has significantly contributed to their renewed appeal. 

Social media platforms, particularly Instagram and Pinterest, have amplified the allure. Houseplant communities have burgeoned online, where plant parents proudly display their green wards and share care tips. The narrative is clear – houseplants are not just decor; they are a lifestyle. 

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Houseplant Hardware Trends for 2024:  


Spring 2024 is expected to embrace an enchanting combination of the old and the new. As homes become an extension of personal narratives, vintage is back with a vengeance. The interiors will boast of striped ceramics juxtaposed against decorative fluted glass and hand-painted porcelain decals reminiscent of bygone eras. Be ready for a sensory delight with scalloped edges, beading, and ditsy prints taking center stage. 

With inspiration being drawn from the quaint charm of boutique hotels to the vibrant aura of Parisian cafés, the flea market aesthetic is gaining ground. Patterns like ginghams and windowpane grids will be omnipresent, transcending the seasonal trends to find a more permanent place in homes. As for the metals, brushed brass will reign supreme, accompanied by intricately embossed detailing on hardware pieces. 


As the temperature rises, summer 2024 will whisk us away to the balmy ambience of Northern Africa. Artisanal, hand-thrown ceramics will continue to enthrall homeowners, a nod to the popularity they've enjoyed in previous seasons. The magic lies in the combinations—imagine glossy glazes paired with raw, sandblasted clay or the intrigue of smooth finishes adorned with thick, basket-like fringes. The color palette will predominantly be neutral and earthy, interspersed with bursts of sunny yellows and deep cerulean blues, offering a contemporary spin to traditional aesthetics. 

Trends in Houseplant Varieties for 2024:  

With an ever-growing interest in houseplants, certain species are set to become household names in 2024. The fern family, for instance, is making waves in indoor gardening circles. The Boston Fern (Nephrolepis Exaltata) with its graceful arching fronds is expected to be a favorite. Similarly, the delicate Maidan Hair Fern (Adiantum) with its fan-like pattern will grace many homes. Here are some other trend predictions:  

Strelitzia Nicolai: Often referred to as the 'Bird of Paradise', the Strelitzia Nicolai is known for its impressive height and large, banana-like leaves. Its ability to bring a touch of the tropics indoors is what makes it unique. Its’ towering presence can transform any space into a lush, tropical oasis. 

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Calathea Freddie: With its beautiful green and white striped leaves, the Calathea Freddie stands out for its understated elegance. What sets it apart is its adaptability to lower light conditions and its pet-friendly nature. The rhythmic opening and closing of its leaves, often referred to as the 'Calathea dance', adds a dynamic touch to interiors, making it a captivating choice for plant enthusiasts. 

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Asparagus Fern: While not a true fern, the Asparagus Fern is cherished for its delicate, feathery fronds and dense, bushy appearance. Its vibrant green hue and unique texture make it a favored choice for both pots and hanging planters. What's special about this plant is its adaptability to various light conditions and its fast-growing nature, ensuring that owners have a lush, green companion in no time. 

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In conclusion, as we approach 2024, it's evident that the love affair with houseplants is far from over. With a blend of vintage and contemporary trends in houseplant hardware and a diverse range of plant varieties set to take the spotlight, it promises to be an exciting year for the garden centre sector and indoor plant enthusiasts. The fusion of past aesthetics with modern designs and an enriched understanding of plant varieties offers a fresh perspective, making it an exhilarating time for Garden Centre Retail and their customers.  


Introducing The Horti House:

The Horti House is a collective of British growers championing the cause of sustainable, locally sourced houseplants. With a strong commitment to promoting British, Peat-Free plants, we aim to set a new industry standard. While importing plants from abroad can be a complicated, expensive, and a less sustainable choice, The Horti House simplifies the process by endorsing local growers and making it easy for UK businesses, such as garden centres, florists, and hospitality businesses to buy British houseplants at competitive prices.  

Discover our collection of houseplants at wholesale prices here and join us on our mission to support the growth of the British horticultural industry today!  

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