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Transitioning Your Range From Spring To Summer

As the seasons shift from the blooming vibrance of spring to the warm, sun-drenched days of summer, it's important to update your plant displays and merchandising to reflect the changing season.

This not only keeps your displays fresh and appealing but also caters to the changing needs of the customer.

Here's how you can smoothly transition your plant range from spring to summer by focusing on seasonal plants.

Spring: A Time for Flowering Plants

With Spring marking new beginnings and nature blooming, customers are focused on flowering plants that can add a pop of colour to their spaces. Mother's Day and Easter also encourage customers to gift flowering plants, with spring pastel colours being popular. Spring is the season for offering: 

  • Chrysanthemum & Kalanchoe: With vibrant, long-lasting flowers, these flowering favourites are available in a range of varieties and flower types. 
  • Streptocarpus: This unique flowering plant is perfect for Spring as they thrive in the mild temperatures and indirect light of the season.

Summer: Embracing Heat-Tolerant Plants

As temperatures rise, it's time to shift your focus to plants that thrive in the heat and require less frequent watering. Summer is the perfect time to showcase: 

  • Cacti & Succulents: These resilient plants are incredibly popular for their unique varieties and low maintenance needs.
  • Green Plants: With their tropical origins, foliage plants are great plants to hero during the Summer period. Highlighting drought-tolerant or bright light collections will help customers to choose the right plant for the season or their space. 

Tips for a Smooth Transition

1. Plan Ahead: Begin transitioning your inventory in late spring and gradually introduce summer plants while maintaining a stock of spring plants to accommodate all customer needs.

2. Educate Your Staff: Ensure your staff are knowledgeable about the seasonal plants, including their care requirements and benefits. This will help them provide better customer service. 

3. Create Eye-Catching Displays: Use vibrant, summer-themed displays to draw attention to your new range. Consider grouping plants by care requirements or aesthetic appeal.

4. Rotate Displays Frequently: Keep the store looking fresh by rotating your plant displays regularly, this will encourage repeat visits from your customers. 

By thoughtfully transitioning your plant range from spring to summer, you can keep your offerings relevant, attract a steady stream of customers and maximise sales whatever the season.

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