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We've Been Awarded the RHS Prestigious Award of Garden Merit for our Orchids

In the world of horticulture, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Award of Garden Merit (AGM) stands as a symbol of excellence, guiding consumers to select plants of the highest quality.

We are thrilled to announce that our orchids have been honoured with this prestigious award, a testament to their outstanding performance and contribution to the world of botanical beauty.

Understanding the RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM): The RHS AGM is a recognition bestowed upon plants that have undergone a rigorous evaluation process by a panel of experts appointed by the Royal Horticultural Society. These experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their assessments, ensuring that only the best plants receive this esteemed accolade.

The Evaluation Process: The journey to receiving the RHS AGM is not an easy one. Each forum within the RHS has its own specialised area of expertise, encompassing a diverse range of horticultural aspects. The process involves thorough examination and assessment of the plants under consideration, drawing upon the insights of specialist growers and well-known horticulturists.

For our orchids, this meant undergoing a meticulous evaluation that took into account various factors such as growth habit, flowering performance, disease resistance, and adaptability. The scrutiny by the RHS forum is a mark of distinction, reflecting a commitment to excellence and a guarantee of the plant's suitability.

The Significance of the RHS AGM: Earning the RHS AGM is a recognition that goes beyond mere aesthetics. It signifies that our orchids have not only met but exceeded the standards set by the RHS. The award is a valuable tool for consumers, providing them with confidence and assurance when selecting plants to purchase. It is a symbol of quality, indicating that the orchids have demonstrated exceptional performance under a range of conditions.


In conclusion, the RHS Award of Garden Merit is more than just an accolade; it is a reflection of our orchids' superior performance and their ability to thrive. We look forward to continuing our journey of delivering excellence in horticulture, inspiring gardeners around the world with the beauty and resilience of our award-winning orchids.

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