Box & Trolley Options

Choose the best delivery method and benefits to suit your requirements:

  Box Trolley
Express Delivery Y N
Low Minimum Order Quantities Y N
Large Volume Discounts N Y
Flowering, Cacti, Succulents and Carnivorous plants N Y
Premium glass products N Y
Reduction in cardboard packaging N Y



Introducing the Box and Trolley Toggle!  Here at the Horti House we want to offer you the best delivery method dependent on your requirements, if you need express delivery then not a problem, but if you want delivery on trolleys and want plants which we can't send in the courier network then that also is not a problem!   

Now with each order, you can decide which method you want by sliding the purple toggle in the top right of your screen.  


The toggle is on the menu bar so is available on every page of the website.   

Once you've slid it one way or another you will immediately access the benefits listed in the table above.  You can do this at any time before checking out if you want to see what you can save!.