For High Street Retailers

Whether you already sell plants or have never tried before, The Horti House can help you!

If you currently sell plants, or have in the past, you have probably faced some challenges. Finding a reliable source of quality British plants can be difficult, importing from the Netherlands often means having to order more plants than you need and there are very few options for 'plants in pots' that are ready to put on the shelf and sell. 

If you haven't sold plants before then you might be unsure where to start. Which plants should you stock? How long will they last in your shop? How do you look after them? How do you match them with a ceramic pot, basket etc that fits well and creates a stylish finished product ready to sell? 

Whichever category you fit into, The Horti House can help. We give you access to quality indoor plants, which you can order in small quantities and have delivered next day. Our range of pots and baskets fit our plants perfectly and give you a complete product, ready to sell. We also have a range of 'easy care' plants that will last a long time in store, with almost no care required. 

  • Next day delivery
  • Tiny MOQ’s – packs of 12 plants sent in the carrier network
  • Simple and easy to use webshop to place orders
  • British grown plants
  • Plants grown in Peat Free Media
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